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Marathi Katta Germany's Post Diwali Get-together 2019 - "छूमंतर - An Enchanted Evening"

Marathi Katta Germany's Post Diwali Get-together 2019 - "छूमंतर - An Enchanted Evening"

As every year, Marathi Katta Germany was also keen to bring something new for their audience on the occasion of Diwali 2019. Since its inception, Post Diwali Get-together is one of the biggest event organized by MKG. Post Diwali Get-together has in a sense become the flagship event of Marathi Katta since past couple of years.

Some of the glimpses of Magic show at Post Diwali Get-together

While in previous years we have tried our best to have a platform for local talent, and also tried to bring some of the best talent from India to entertain our audience, this year we wanted to do something special, something different. Every year for our Diwali event, kids participate in substantial numbers. This year we wanted to do something for them, an event that kids and their parents can enjoy together. And so came the idea of छूमंतर - An Enchanted Evening.

The magic show was thoroughly enjoyed by the kids and their parents. It was performed by India's topmost magician who performs magic with his family of three generation of magicians - Jadugar Raghuveer and Family. More than three hundred people attended the event. Apart from the Magic show, there was also Tambola that had first prize as return ticket from Frankfurt to India by Air India. Along with this, there were also other prizes total of worth €500.

We are deeply grateful to our sponsors for the event - Matrix structures, Air India, Bobby Travels, Jaffna Bazar, Bella Roma, and Preet Jewellers, without their support this event was not possible. Also heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers who worked day and night to make this event successful. Marathi Katta Germany is looking forward to serve you further in coming year.

Until Then. :)

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